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آتشکده آدریان تهران

در اواخر دوره قاجار و در سال 1293 خورشیدی بود که طی مراسمی با حضور ارباب کیخسرو شاهرخ -رییس وقت انجمن زرتشتیان تهران- سنگ بنای معبد آدریان گذاشته شد.

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Thursday, 17 October 2013 13:49

Takht-e Soleymān

Takhte Soleyman or Adur Gushnasp (Azar Goshnasb) is situated in 45km away from Takab a city in West-Azarbayejan of Iran. This place is based on a natural sediments of a lake and is 20m above the height of the agricultural fields. The Siege of this site has 38 ornate towers in elliptic shape. Inside the Takht-e soleyman there is a natural lake with 120 m of length and 80 m of wideness.

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