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کوه پاشوره ، البرز شرقی

البرز شرقی قله پاشوره 3900 متر در جوار قله عبرت وقله امیری

This is a picture from the eastern Alborz mountain range. The peak in the picture is called Pashooreh, it has a height of 3900 meters from mean sea level which is (12795.28 ft) . the other summit beside it , is called Ebrat summit. and the other one, Amiri summit.

Mountain photography is the art of capturing nature at its core, and having the colors as natural as it can be. The framing is also important in mountain photography. it should be very inclusive of the nature around the mountains. Light in nature photography is important as to help viewers get the feeling of the nature right there. Therefore, it is not advisable to always have a bright and high visibility. Nature as it comes has darkness and brightness. there is sunrise and sunset and all makes different lighting in the atmosphere around it.

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منطقه شیراز مزارع انگور بسیاری دارد و منطقه بوآنات منچ نیز جزء این مناطق است.  نام شیراز را در دنیا برای شراب آن میشناسند و هم اکنون شراب شیراز یک نوع شراب محسوب میشود. البته در زمان فعلی این کار در ایران غیر قانونیست و شراب تولید نمیشود.

Grape vine orchards of Shiraz.

As you might know the name of Shiraz as a known wine category. Shiraz used to be the birthplace of this type of wine as being a birthplace for IPA by the great iranian chemist Razi. now though, producing wine in Iran is illegal and is no longer done.


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Tuesday, 23 February 2021 09:05

عکاسی شب، جاده چالوس

عکسی از جاده چالوس در شب، در نزدیکی خوزنکلا و سد کرج.

a night photography of a windy road, which is the famous chaloos road, connecting the cities of Karaj, Tehran and mazandaran, which are all north Iran. This is the road to go see the sea.

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Sunday, 14 February 2021 23:27

سنگ نوردی در تهران

عکسی از صخره نوردی در سایت ازگی تهران

کیفیت این عکس جهت جلوگیری از کپی کردن بسیار پایین آورده شده. برای خرید این عکس با کیفیت بالا با من تماس بگیرید.

A photograph of rock climbing in a site called Azgi in Tehran

Rock climbing has been a great point of interest for many people in Iran. There are competitions and is followed as a serious sport.


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