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  • Desolation

Tuesday, 21 May 2019 13:04
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Desolation Photographer: Bahram Abedini
Photo description

This old man has lost his house and belongings during the earthquake in Kermanshah in Iran on Nov. 12th 2017.

Many people like him lost their loved ones and everything they had during this fatal earthquake. The rickety houses could not withstand the 7.3 earthquakes. Now Iranian people are helping them survive the cold winter ahead. Recently the rain also poured down on these people and made their life even more difficult.

عکس از چهره ی پیرمردی که در روستاهای اطراف سرپل زهاب در کرمانشاه خانه و متعلقاتش را در زلزله اخیر از دست داده است. 

پیرمرد زلزله زده کرمانشاه